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Basic features:
Support international and domestic standard code algorithms;
Provide CSP middleware and PKCS#11 middleware that support 微软 standards;
With the high-level safety chip and independently developed smart card system, the product can defend all the attacks on online banking safety;
With specially designed hardware, the product is resistant against moisture, high and low temperature, wearing, static electricity and impact;
The product passed rigid EMC tests and impact resistance tests;
The product satisfies the tests and certifications organized by the third party;
The product can provide separate software to set functions and check information;
Public and private key pairs are generated inside the hardware to enable digital signature; the private key will never be out of KEY and can store several application certificates;

Operating system compatibility
Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Phone;
PC platforms: Support WindowsXP/2003/2008/Vista/Vista64/Win7/Win8, MacOS and all kinds of Linux and UNIX operating systems.

Display screen features:
Display screen material: LCD;
Display screen lattice: 128×64;
Languages: simplified Chinese, English and traditional Chinese
Communication interface:
MiniUSB interface that meets USB2.0 interface specifications;
Follow MIC3.5 standard audio communication protocol.

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