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Basic features
The product adopts high-level safety chip and independently developed smart card system;
With specially designed hardware, the product is resistant against moisture, high and low temperature, wearing, static electricity and impact;
High-strength safety channel resistant against replay attacks, and end-to-end safety guarantee for business data;
The product passed rigid EMC tests and impact resistance tests;
The product satisfies the tests and certifications organized by the third party;
Public and private key pairs are generated inside the hardware to enable digital signature; the private key will never be out of KEY and can store several application certificates;
Strictly follow Part 16 in PBOC3.0 Code: IC Card Internet Terminal Specifications.
Types of supported algorithms:
Symmetric encryption algorithm: DES, AES and SM1, etc.
Asymmetric encryption algorithm: RSA, ECC and SM2, etc.
Digest algorithm: MD5, SHA1, SHA2 and SM3, etc.

Display screen features:
Display screen material: OLED (self-illuminated screen);
Display screen lattice: 128×64;
Languages: simplified Chinese, English and traditional Chinese
Communication interface:
MiniUSB interface that meets USB2.0 interface specifications.
IC card readers:
IC card seats meet ISO7816 specifications regarding IC card reading devices;
Support contact + non-contact card reading models
Operating system compatibility
Support WindowsXP/2003/2008/Vista/Vista64/Win7/Win8, MacOS, all kinds of Linux and UNIX systems.
Special features:
The device has a IC card reading module, and offers functions like IC card reading and writing, transaction data encryption and transaction confirmation. Not physically online, traditional IC cards can't form closed loop operation during Internet application. But the product solves the problem.

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