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Main functions
Support tax control algorithms and asymmetric RSA algorithm;
Fast directive operation speed;
Support multiple capacities;
Embedded with the true random number generator that meets FIPS 140-2;
Support multiple safety protection mechanisms during communication to ensure the confidentiality and completeness of information;
Support multiple safe access means and authority (authentication function and password protection);
Support tax control algorithm and ensure high safety required by the tax system;
Support PPS and enable communication at multiple rates, with the highest reaching 57600BPS;
Performance indicators
Communication rate: 9600BPS~ 57600BPS
Input voltage: 2.7~5.5 V
User space: 100K
Working life: not less than 100,000
EEPROM life: more than 100,000 erases
Data storage time: more than 10 years
Support 190 pieces of invoices

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