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Our company was established in 1996, and successfully listed in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Board at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Currently, registered capital is 713.2 million yuan. 
Targeting the banking, telecommunications, tax, transport, insurance, security, as well as municipal construction industries, our company is committed to providing high-end smart products and solutions. Its leading business and products include: banking IC card, telecommunication IC card, mobile payment product, online payment terminal, magnetic card, password card, ticket, Internet of Things, platform system, information security services and solutions. Through development over a decade, our company, being a pacesetter in the industry, has been recognized as a key national new high tech enterprise that integrates services, R&D, production and marketing.


Headquartered in Beijing Financial Street, the company has established two operation systems: one in Beijing as a management headquarters, R&D, and marketing; the other is in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, being a production center. The company has also set up a modern enterprise governance structure that consists of the Shareholders’ General Meeting, Board of Directors, and Board of Supervisors, and three business centers involving R&D, production, and marketing. Focusing on meeting the needs of the clients and improving core competitiveness, the company has been endeavoring to expand its value chain and enhance the technical content and added value of its products. 

Currently, the company has over 1,500 employees. The communication and combinations of different professional background and regional cultures produces an open, plural and vibrant corporate culture, also determining the forward-looking vision of this leading new high tech enterprise and the unique style that emphasizes the application of technology to actual utilities.
Guided by the philosophy of “Cherishing Success Attained through Striving and Committed to Striving After Success”, we have been persistently re-defining the operation guidelines of “Integrity and Customer First”. We’re dedicated to rewarding society with quality products, cutting-edge technology and superior services, and reward the general users, partners, and company employees with the Hengbao Values of “Pursuit for Excellence”. 


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