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Hengbao Passes ISO9001 and ISO14001 Surveillance Audit for 2005

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On May 27, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) submitted the written report for the surveillance audit made in March to Hengbao, which showed that Hengbao passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 surveillance audit for 2005.

After being restructured in 2004, Hengbao has made a new plan for controlling relevant activities, kept the quality system and the environmental system in good operation as planned and modified documents in response to the changes. However, it was advised to make constant improvements in verification of purchased products, identification and evaluation of environmental factors, suitability of targets and indicators and evaluation of regulatory compliance.

The next surveillance audit will be made in February 2006. All relevant departments shall rectify the shortcomings discovered in this surveillance audit, in order to ensure the normal operation and improvement in Hengbao’s ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems and push the business management to new heights.

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