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Hengbao PBOC2.0 IC Card E-wallet/E-bankbook certified Bank Card Test Center testing

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On December 16, 2005, IC card e-wallet/e-bankbook that was developed by Hengbao with complete intellectual property right in line with China Financial IC Card Standard (V2.0) passed the test of Bank Card Test Center.

By virtue of its long-term technological accumulation and powerful R&D capacity in the smart card field, Hengbao smoothly passed all tests. Driven by powerful technology reserves, Hengbao has grown into a producer of a whole variety of centrally-controlled finance tickets and cards, with the largest capacity. With the help of a R&D team composed of domestic and foreign doctors, masters and researchers, senior engineers and other senior experts, Hengbao has mastered multiple technologies, like smart card operation system, terminal, cryptographic algorithm, and provided corresponding solutions. Hengbao’s success in developing PBOC2.0 IC card e-wallet/e-bankbook indicates that Hengbao reaches the international COS R&D standard and is qualified for producing PBOC financial cards during the global EMV migration from magnetic bank cards to IC smart cards, and laid a firm foundation for Hengbao in further expanding the financial IC card market and providing localized products and services for bank EMV migration.

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