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Hengbao Passes SAS Security Certification of GSM Association

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Hengbao Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002104) recently passed Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) standard certification of internationally recognized GSM Association, and ranked among the five Chinese SAS-certified manufacturers as well as the 18 SAS-certified factories affiliated to 12 companies worldwide.
SAS standard is a security management standard mandated by GSM Association for SIM card suppliers. So far, SAS certificate has become an important qualification for European and American telecommunication companies in selecting suppliers. With the aim to standardize the security management of SIM card suppliers in SIM card manufacturing, storage, sales, delivery and supporting activities, reduce potential security risks and protect users’ interests, SAS standard provides a series of auditable security requirements, including security policy and strategy, business sustainability, management organization and responsibility, information asset grading and management, personal security management, physical environment security management, production data security management, production process management, and computer and network management.
Hengbao’s recent success in being granted SAS certificate by GSM Association indicates its internationally advanced level in security management, and laid a firm foundation for its future efforts in further expanding the global SIM card product market.


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