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Hengbao Co., Ltd. had a successful exhibition in the 1st CARTES Asia

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Hengbao Co., Ltd. had participated in the 1st CARTES Asia held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from March 16 to 19, in which the company had exhibited the new generation of leading mobile payment solutions, and attracted numerous visitors from Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions.

As a leading supplier of smart cards in China and a leader in the field of mobile payment, the company has introduced RF-SIM, dual-interface SIM, SWP-SIM and other comprehensive solutions for mobile payment by targeting on different scenarios and customers’ requirements and taking its substantial experiences in financial and mobile communication industries into consideration, and has realized the mass commercial uses in China. The company is committed to introducing the solutions to the international market and serving the users all over the world. According to the  exhibition show, the company’s products and solutions have earned high recognition of the  numerous customers. Upstream and downstream partners of the industry chain,  including banks, mobile operators, terminal manufacturers and integrators, all showed their great interests and intention for cooperation.

Hengbao Co., Ltd. has recently established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore for international business to vigorously explore the international market. CARTES Asia is the first international smart card exhibition for Hengbao to participate in, and it is crucial for the company to  build its brand and improve its influence in the international market.

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