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Hengbao Shortlisted for BOC Special-shaped QuickPass Card Project

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In July 2013, Hengbao received good news from BOC Headquarters that it successfully won the bid from the project Central Procurement of Special-shaped QuickPass Blank Credit Cards 2013 as organized by BOC, which further consolidated its leading position in the financial IC card market.  

At present, the chip-based credit card QuickPass model has become a highlight and brand new technology trend in the industry. QuickPass, also called micro-offline payment, is targeted at smaller amounts purchases and requires no passwords inputs, signature or card insertion, but a gentle wave on POS machines for faster payment. BOC took the lead in the exploration at the beginning of this year, and since the project proposal, Hengbao has made vigorous preparation, with all the departments making concerted efforts and all the services from product design and test to card issuance gaining positive recognition from BOC. In May, BOC initiated the bid invitation for the special-shaped QuickPass card procurement project 2013, and our efforts were rewarded with the success in winning the bid. Hengbao’s first issuance of the special-shaped QuickPass cards is bound to lead a new trend in mobile payment. With the development of financial IC cards, QuickPass is believed to win favor with more and more consumers, and Hengbao will certainly be recognized by more customers for its outstanding performance in the field.

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