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Awarded certificate by JCB.

The Company received the Golden Ant Award for six consecutive years since 2008

The Company was selected as “Top 100 Companies by Revenue from Software Business in China” by Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of MIIT.

Garnered further recognition with issuance ofUnion Pay cards in CambodiaandMyanmar.


The Company qualified as a key software company within the national planning layout

HengbaoInternational PteLtd. set up a branch in Indonesia


The company’s sensor network-based whole agricultural product industrial chain traceability support platform andRFID-SIM card was rated as a new state key product.

HengbaoInternational PteLtd. set up a branch in India.


The Company was selected as “No. in China Mobile Payment Card Sales in 2011” by Professional Committee of Smart Cards, China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce


AcquiredBeijing Oriencard Digital Technology Ltd.

Registered Hengbao International Pte Ltd. in Singapore

AcquiredRuanxintongand restructured as Jiangsu HengbaoIOT Pte Ltd.


Conformed to Security AccreditationScheme (SAS), internationally recognized byGSM Association。

Gained further momentum with first issuance of Union Pay card in Uzbekistan.


Hengbao's Smart Card Operation System (OS) passed theEAL4+ (EvaluationAssuranceLevel) security certificate

Hengbao Co., Ltd. set up a post-doctoral research center.


Public listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Renamed“Hengbao Co., Ltd.”

Honored as a“national-level high-tech enterprise”.

Won the honor of “themost popular card supplier”, theelite in China’s smart card industry.

Established“Jiangsu Provincial Smart Card Engineering Technology Research Center”.


Moved its headquarters toBeijing Financial Street.


From investment, established “Jiangsu HengbaoSmart Recognition Technology Co., Ltd.”

Selected as the fiscal card supplier for the fiscal cash register promotion project by State Administration of Taxation.



Moved its headquarters in Beijing.


Became a preferred supplier of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China,China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Post Savings and Remittance Bureau, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and China Tietong.


Bestowed the honor of “Jiangsu Provincial-LevelSoftware Enterprise”.

Obtained many software copyrights, including “Jintong COS”.


Founded “BUPT-Hengbao Smart Card Research and Development Center” in cooperation with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


Privileged as “Jiangsu Provincial-LevelHigh-tech Enterprise”

Restructured as Jiangsu Hengbao Co., Ltd.

Completed card production project and became a new playerin the industry.


Renamed as Jiangsu Hengbao Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


In the beginning, Jiangsu Modern Security Printing Co., Ltd. was established to produce financial notes.

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 2014 Hengbao Co., ltd   Beijing ICP Certificate No. 041231   Beijing public security preparation110102002386

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