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Hengbao Develops Laser Card

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Hengbao’s New Product Development Department has recently succeeded in developing laser card, a new type of PVC card coated with laser film, after a succession of tests.
The new product consists of four telephone cards in one set. Designed with images such as well-loved Monk Tang, Monkey King, Zhu Bajie and Monk Sha in Journey to the West, as well as joyous Western Christmas, New Year's Day and Chinese Spring Festival, they can also be presented as festive gifts.
The images on the laser cards were hand-drawn by fine art & design masters and finalized according to the telephone card design requirements.
The new type of laser cards was made with a new process and new materials. During the production process, the telephone cards were coated with laser film and PVC at the back with the reposting and laminating technology and then printed with images on the surface as required by normal IC cards. The laser cards look iridescent after being displayed under direct light or sunshine, but with good effect under scattered light such as fluorescent lamp.
Indeed, the laser technology makes common telephone cards into shining artworks for collection and gift-giving.
The new material and new technology can also be applied in other common PVC cards. So far, Hengbao’s marketing department is active in expanding the market of this newly-developed laser card.
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