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Hengbao Passes CQC’s Surveillance Audit for 2003

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Jiangsu Review Center of China Quality Certification Center (CQC) assigned experts for a third-party surveillance audit for QMS (quality management system) and EMS (environmental management system) of Jiangsu Hengbao Co., Ltd. in February 25, 2004. It was the first surveillance audit subsequent to ISO9001 certification renewal audit for Hengbao’s quality management system and ISO14001 certification registration audit for its environmental management system. According to the expert group, Jiangsu Hengbao is energetic, and its QMS and EMS ISO certificates remain valid. However, the expert group also pointed out three non-compliant items in the two systems. In response, Hengbao’s relevant departments committed to make constant improvements to enhance its management quality. So far, the rectification work is advancing smoothly in all fields.


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