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Hengbao Becomes the First Chinese Holder of VISA Product Certification for UranusPay IC Cards

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After Hengbao was certified for card personalization by Visa International Service Association in this March, it passed the test of VISA Test Center on October 3, and became the first Chinese company certified for the product qualification by Visa International Service Association. Its success in passing the test suggests Hengbao could adapt to the EMV migration trend, produce mature smart financial card products and provide domestic and foreign VISA member banks with high-quality smart products in line with the international payment card standards.

The product put for test is a type of contact interface smart cards and “UranusPay” IC card product in line with international IC card specification—Common Personalization Specification (“CPS” for short). It passed the test for basic functions of EMV Level 1, VISA debit/credit application and the card risk-based test, and obtained the “Visa Smart Debit/Credit” certification provided by Visa International Service Association.

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