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Hengbao Co., Ltd. Achieves the Highest International Smart Card Security Certification

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On June 17, 2008, UranusCOSV2.1, a smart card operation system developed by Hengbao Co., Ltd. was granted EAL4 + (Evaluation Assurance Level) security certification by China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center.
EAL4+ is an evaluation level in Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria, which is a special security assurance certification with EAL7 as the highest level. EAL4+ is designed with more evaluation content than EAL4 as the highest security assurance level for the existing smart card products. In 1996, six countries and seven parties signed the Common Criteria for Information Technology security Evaluation (i.e. CC1.0); In 1998, the USA, the UK, Canada, France and Germany jointly signed a written recognition agreement for the criteria, and later called it as CC Criteria (i.e. CC2.0). CC2.0 was adopted as international standard ISO/IEC15408 in 1999 as well as Chinese standard GB/T18336 in 2001.
Hengbao’s success in passing EAL4+ security certification fully verified the product’s high safety and reliability. Additionally, Hengbao has a higher information security assurance capacity in all links from smart card product design, development, production to delivery, and can fully meet the requirements of communication operators and customers on product information security assurance.


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