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Hengbao International Pte Ltd. Incorporates India Branch

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In September 2012, Hengbao International Pte Ltd. in Singapore incorporated India Branch in the business center of Bangalore, where many famous IT companies congregate, ie 微软, Aditi and Talisma. Under the support from its headquarters Hengbao Co., Ltd., India Branch provides improved products with timely and high-quality technical services to telecommunication, banking and government customers in India, as efforts to promote the development of Indian smart card market.
Hengbao International Pte Ltd. in Singapore has established representative offices and strategic development relations in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, and is providing global customers with SIM cards, bank cards, security products and other smart products, card management systems and technical services.
By establishing India Branch, Hengbao Co., Ltd. will further expand its international marketing and service outlets and meet customer demands for local services.


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