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Hengbao to Take the Opportunity for New Headway

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In January 10, 2013, news came from China Mobile about the centralized procurement of SIM cards in 2012: With powerful R&D capability, rigorous service philosophy, advanced equipment and with steadfast and diligent attitude, Hengbao stood out among numerous rivals and officially became a SIM card supplier of China Mobile. It ranks the second among all the bid winners with a card supply quantity of 170 million, including 150 million of common 64K SIM cards and 20 million of common 128K SIM cards.
The greater the goal one sets, the faster the development it can achieve. Hengbao’s emerging as a SIM card supplier of China Mobile with a 23% market share marked the Company’s entry into a brand new field of business growth. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom are presently the three biggest operators in the local market. Hengbao has been the biggest SIM card (WCDMA) supplier for China Unicom for four years in a row, and the biggest SIM card (CDMA) supplier for China Telecom for five years in a row. China Mobile is far ahead of China Unicom and China Telecom in both the quantity of card issuance and market shares at home. Therefore, Hengbao’s success in winning the bid for the SIM card procurement project of China Mobile undoubtedly means that the company gained broader room for development and will have greater influence in the industry. We believe that Hengbao will seize this opportunity and make great progress in the next year.
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