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Hengbao Wins the Golden Ant Award for Six Years in a Row

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In June 2013, in appraisal of the Golden Ant Award for the National Golden Card Project, Hengbao won the Product Innovation Award, the sixth consecutive year in which it was honored.
The National Golden Card project is among China’s four starting projects for information technology. Directly led by the CPC Central Committee and State Council and jointly implemented by several national ministries and commissions since 1993, it’s a huge and systematic project that crosses sectors, regions and centuries. The Golden Ant Award is the highest award under the Golden Card project and aimed to encourage and award the smart card related enterprises and research institutions for their innovation spirit in combining the implementation and application of Golden Card projects and advancing the integration of informatization and industrialization as well as the practical products and excellent achievements arising therefrom.
The award-winning product is the SSIM card for mobile payment. Only by inserting a SSIM card in a common mobile phone can we achieve the functions of a telecommunication SIM card and the NFC function. That way, operators don’t need to spend a lot in customizing NFC mobile phones, but use a SSIM card to realize the near field payment function in the 13.56Mhz environment. Compared with the dual-interface SIM card with the external RF antenna in the market, the product integrates the 13.56Mhz RF antenna inside the small SIM card, which makes external RF antenna unnecessary and enables normal NFC function no matter whether the SIM card slot is above or under the battery. Therefore, it’s a stable, reliable and brand-new solution of mobile payment. Hengbao has been devoted to the R&D innovation and scale-up of high-end smart cards and applications, and the award was a full affirmation of Hengbao’s bold exploration, down-to-earth spirit, hard work and devotion. Hengbao will team up with industrial peers to take the Golden Card project to a new stage in the future.


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