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Hengbao's Debuts Issuance of Co-branded Cards

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In May 2013, Hengbao received a notice from the Procurement Department of China Mobile Anhui Branch that it became the first supplier of the co-branded and dual-interface debit & credit card jointly launched by China Mobile and SPDB (“co-branded card”) with its strong R&D capability, rigorous service philosophy, advanced equipment as well as steadfast and diligent attitude. The quantity of cards was 8,000 pieces.
The co-branded card is the first major product jointly launched by SPDB and China Mobile in the mobile financial field, a brand-new financial product at home that integrates electronic and micro-cash payment, the consumption function of credit cards and the wealth investment function of debit cards, as well as the first co-branded card that enables on-site mobile payment across the country. 
As financial IC cards get popular and QuickPass POS consumption becomes a mainstream, Hengbao’s first issuance of the co-branded and dual-interface cards will surely lead a new trend in mobile payment.
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