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Hengbao Awarded Several Honors

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At the working conference held in Danyang in March 2013, Hengbao was awarded several honors, including the Second Prize for Tax Payment in Danyang 2012 granted by the CPC Danyang Municipal Committee, as well as one of the Top 10 Tax-payers 2012, the Advanced Unit in Technical Innovation 2012, the Advanced Unit in Secure Production 2012, the Advanced Unit in Environmental Protection 2012, the Advanced Trade Union 2012 and the Advanced Party Committee 2012, granted by the CPC Yunyang Town Committee.

The honors fully affirm Hengbao’s work in finance, Party construction and technology innovation, and demonstrate its constant improvements in operation, management and other aspects. The honor in tax-paying not only marks a new stage of tax payment for the Company, but also serves as an evidence of its improving business capability; The honor in technology innovation expands the influence of innovation results obtained by Hengbao’s production center and derives to cost reduction and efficiency increase; The honor in environmental protection is an affirmation of Hengbao’s achievements in environmental protection over the previous year.

The development of the Company requires all-round improvements in various work and concerted efforts from all the central departments. The honors serve as the full recognition of the Company and efforts of its staff, and reflect the hard work, confidence and courage of every member of Hengbao. We believe that with the correct decisions of company leaders and joint efforts of all the staff, we surely will make another splendid achievement.

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