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Hengbao International Enters Myanmar’s Market

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Golden October is a month with rich harvest, in which Hengbao officially entered Myanmar’s market with its unique design, rigorous service philosophy, advanced equipment and steadfast and diligent attitude. 
In October 2012, Hengbao International held the first seminar on the banking business in Rangoon, Myanmar, at which it gained deeper understanding of the local market and made local banks and relevant enterprises know better about the Company and its products. After the seminar, Hengbao has kept a close eye on customer demand, maintained contact with several customers who were interested in the Company, and, by inviting them for visits, made the customers learn better about Hengbao and its products and believe Hengbao can provide best products and more convenient banking services. With relentless efforts, Hengbao finally embraced its first order from the CB Bank of Myanmar for the special edition chip card for East Asian Games. This was the start of customers’ affirmation of Hengbao’s products, and Hengbao will make further efforts and keep up with the times to constantly improve its technologies and services, further expand the international market and build a better future for the Company.
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