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Hengbao Mobile Payment Product Wins Golden Wisdom Award in Jiangsu Province

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Hengbao recently won the 11th Excellent Software Award in Jiangsu Province (Golden Wisdom Award) with Hengbao Mobile Payment Smart Card Debit/Credit Operating System V1.0.

The Golden Wisdom Award is the only government award for excellent software products approved by Jiangsu Provincial Government and implemented by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission, with the purpose of improving the quality and commercialization of software products in Jiangsu, fostering famous software brands in the province and promoting the rapid development of the software industry. Whether a software product has a high level of independent IPRs, advanced technologies, stable and reliable quality and good economic and social benefits is among the judging criteria.

Hengbao Mobile Payment Smart Card Debit/Credit Operating System V1.0 enables the integration of multiple mobile payment applications with the frequency as 13.56MHz and 2.4GHz in one SIM card or SD card, and allows operators or banks to scale up mobile payment without customized mobile phones. The operating system provides the mobile payment market with brand-new smart card solutions and can be applied in mobile payment fields related to communication and finance. The software has yielded an annual sales of nearly RMB100 million.

Hengbao has complete mobile payment product lines, and has been dedicated to providing customers with quality products and services. The award affirms the achievements that the Company has made in mobile payment over the past years, and once again demonstrates the Company’s capability and leading position in smart card application. 

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