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Hengbao Shortlisted for ABC IC Card Internet Payment Suite Project

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In May 2014, Hengbao joined the bid for the IC card Internet payment suite project organized by the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). With years of R&D and practical experience in security terminal products, it stood out among rivals and was successfully shortlisted for the project. This marks a major breakthrough for Hengbao’s Internet payment terminal products in the financial field following the official authorization by UnionPay for production.

In response to the call of the People’s Bank of China for migration of financial IC cards and for the purpose of diverse Internet-based application of financial IC cards, Hengbao, as an enterprise that has been dedicated to the financial filed for more than a decade, has gathered competitive R&D resources in line with Section 16 of PBOC Code 3.0 (Code on Internet Payment Terminal Products) and communicated with UnionPay at the earliest time possible. As a result, it has completed all kinds of tests required by UnionPay in as short as six months and successfully won authorization from UnionPay for production and sales of Type B Minipay products. 

Hengbao has years of experience in the financial IC card field, and takes a leading position in issuance of financial IC cards locally. The launch of Internet payment terminal products facilitates the diverse application of financial IC cards and indirectly promotes the migration of financial IC cards.

As a major hardware supporting the diverse application of financial IC cards, Hengbao’s Internet payment terminal product, known as UranuSafeiCPay HR2B, closely integrates front and back-end business systems and can provide a full suite of solutions for the Internet-based application of financial IC cards that feature rich functions, secured safety and easy use, so as to contribution to the diverse application of financial IC cards and give the fullest play to its role in social activities.

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