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Hengbao Shortlisted for the Project of Security Certification Product Selection for E-payment Platforms Organized by Rural Credit Banks

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In June 2014, Hengbao was shortlisted amongst 22 enterprises for the project of security certification product selection for e-payment platforms as organized by Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center Co., Ltd. (Rural Credit Banks) with three products, including the second generation electronic cipher (challenge-response dynamic token), second generation USBKEY and third generation USBKEY (a combination of the second generation USBKEY and electronic cipher). This came after Hengbao was shortlisted for the second generation LCD USB Key project launched by Rural Credit Banks in 2012 and for the e-payment platform electronic cipher project in 2013.

Rural Credit Bank is a nationwide joint-stake financial service provider jointly established by 30 provincial-level rural credit cooperatives, rural commercial banks and rural cooperative banks as well as Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank with approval from the People’s Bank of China. As of December 2013, it registered more than a total RMB3 trillion of transaction amounts.

The security certification product selection launched by Rural Credit Banks is another major project that Hengbao secured in the safety product market, following its winning the IC card Internet terminal project from the Agricultural Bank of China, and displays Hengbao’s brand power and market competitiveness in the security segment. 

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