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Hengbao Assists the Initial Issuance of UnionPay Cards in Cambodia

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On September 15, MekongBank grandly held the Issuing Ceremony for MekongBank and UnionPay Co-branded Card in Phnom Penh. Leaders from UnionPay Headquarters and UnionPay International, Gao Qiang, President of Hengbao as well as Zheng Anlu and Wang Hao, respectively General Manager and Deputy General Manager of Hengbao International Pte Ltd, attended the ceremony upon invitation from the senior management of MekongBank.
This is the first time that MekongBank joins hands with the biggest local retail oil group SOKIMEX and the high-end brand chain retail group SOVEREIGN and issues several co-branded cards. The SOKIMEX co-branded debit card and SOVEREIGN co-branded credit card are both dual-currency (USD and Cambodian Riel) UnionPay chip cards, and can be used in UnionPay networks worldwide. In particular, the SOKIMEX co-branded debit card also offers oil filling discounts, and is the first UnionPay QuickPass product issued in Southeast Asia, with the QuickPass application expected to be available at SOKIMEX gas stations within the year. 
The UnionPay cards issued in the first batch were all provided exclusively by Hengbao International Pte Ltd, which leaves a good impression on MekongBank as well as UnionPay Headquarters and UnionPay International with its professional services and positive attitude towards cooperation from design to production. The first blow is half the battle. We believe that as our cooperation with MekongBank goes deeper and the Cambodian market further expands, we’ll win more and more UnionPay orders in the market and lay a solid foundation for the expansion of Hengbao International Pte Ltd in Southeast Asia.
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