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IC Card

Financial IC Card, also known as IC Debit/Credit Card. Debit card, also known as transfer card, is a type of multifunction card which is used to deposit in card-issuing bank, make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and consumptions in the same city and other regions. Credit card refers such that card-issuing bank gives a cardholder with line of credit so that cardholder can consume and then repay within approved line of credit. Hengbao Financial IC Card complies with PBOC2.0/3.0 specifications and ED/EP, and supports related specifications of VISA and MASTERCARD, which is widely used in finance, insurance, transportation, social security, public utilities reloads and other fields.

Hengbao Financial IC Card products take advantage of self-developed JAVA Operating System, and support NXP, Tongfang, SHHIC, SDIC, Fudan, Nationz, Datang and other domestic and international mainstream chip platforms.

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Support universal JAVA platform, Global Platform 2.1.1, JAVA CARD 2.2 and above
Support multiple communication interfaces and contact/contactless/dual interface communication modes
Support a variety of cryptographic algorithms, DES, RSA, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, etc
Support different capacity spaces, and provide different capacities ranging from 32K to 144K
Support multi-purpose card, and provide a variety of safe access modes and privileges
Support multiple file types and a variety of security protection mechanisms

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 2014 Hengbao Co., ltd   Beijing ICP Certificate No. 041231   Beijing public security preparation110102002386

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