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card lssuance

The Instant Card Issuance System is an end-to-end solution integrated with card, software, card writing control, encryption unit and card preparation unit. After a consumer submit his/her personal information at the counter and gets approved, the system will start the on-site card preparation unit for card writing, surface printing, convex-concave printing, hot dyeing and other card preparation processes. The consumer can collect the card instantly after he/she applies on site.

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A card would be replaced with the same number, which solves the inconvenience of the  users having to reapply and re-register for the services previously used with old card numbers due to the changes of card numbers upon card replacement
Users can reapply or replace new cards through the self-service device and have no need to wait in a queue, which also reduces tellers’ work stress
Card surfaces can be customized and the bank card numbers with special digits will be flexibly distributed to meet the individual needs of users
Cards can be issued and collected instantly to improve the card activation rate

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 2014 Hengbao Co., ltd   Beijing ICP Certificate No. 041231   Beijing public security preparation110102002386

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