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Citizen Card

Citizen Card is a type of multi-application card jointly issued under the cooperation between issuing bank and citizen card issuance service center, which is multi-application smart card for citizens to handle personal matters and enjoy public services. Citizen Card follows the criteria of “multi-purpose card for universal use”. It is mainly used in governmental services represented by finance, resident health applications and City Card.

Hengbao Citizen Card products comply with Chinese Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specifications (V2.0), Specifications of PBOC2.0 Electronic Wallet, Specifications of PBOC2.0 Debit/Credit Card (Micro-payments) and National Industry Standards of Technical Requirements for CPU Card Operating System of Construction Undertaking. Some Citizen Cards comply with Application Specifications of Resident Health Card.

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Support user space of 32K or 64K
Support Native/Java Smart Card Operating System
Support T = 0 and T = 1, and support TYPE A/ TYPE B
EEPROM Rewritable Life > 500,000 times
Data Retention Duration > 20 years

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