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IC Card
Financial IC Card, also known as IC Debit/Credit Card. Debit card, also known as transfer card, is a type of multifunction card which is used to deposit in card-issuing bank, make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and consumptions in the sam...[Detail]
Profiled Card
Unique-shaped Card refers to a type of card in different shapes in order to meet customer demand for personalized card shape, which is customized according to customer demand. It is stylish and easy to carry. It complies with specifications...[Detail]
Visual Card
Financial IC Visual Card refers to financial IC card with electronic display screen. It can not only provide standard credit/debit applications, but also electronically display sensitive information on electronic wallet/electronic cash bala...[Detail]
SIN Card
Financial Social Security Card refers to social security with financial functions, which is a new product tailored to the current demands for financial and social security services. It achieves financial and social security applications via...[Detail]
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