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Resident Health Card

Through implementation of resident health card, information sharing and exchange can be achieved between residents and medical institutions, between different medical institutions and between medical institutions and social public service authorities so as to provide residents with convenient prevention, treatment, care, rehabilitation and other health care services, and render a wealth of personal financial expansion services. This not only addresses the problems of difficult and expensive medical care and meeting the health needs of the people in many ways, but also ultimately achieve “All-in-One Card” in cross-regional medical health care institutions across the country.

Hengbao Resident Health Card products comply with Application Specifications of Resident Health Card, Technical Specifications of Resident Health Card, Lifecycle Management Measures for Resident Health Card, Chinese Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specifications (V2.0) and Specifications of PBOC2.0 Debit/Credit Card (Micro-payments).

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Support user space of 32K
Support Native Smart Card Operating System
Support universal memory and other expanded application functions of financial IC card
Support T = 0 and T = 1, and support TYPE A/ TYPE B
EEPROM Rewritable Life > 500,000 times
Data Retention Duration > 10 years

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