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Mobile phones supporting near-field communication (NFC) are increasingly popular and mobile public transportation, bank and other payment applications by NFC mobile phone has become the trend of development. Hengbao’s self developed NFC-SWP smartcard supports the SWP protocol and can communicate via the SWP protocol and the NFC chip in the phone to realize near-field payment applications. The card supports 2G, 3G and 4G communication network standards and public transportation, bank and school-enterprise card and other payment applications, providing users with a convenient mobile payment application solution.

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Supports the SWP protocol and the 7816-1-2-3-4 protocol;
Supports DES, RSA and other security algorithms;
Supports China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom SWP smartcard standards;
Support financial PBOC2.0/3.0 standards;
Supports 400k or larger user space;
Supports the JAVA smartcard operating system and dynamical download of JAVA applications; and
Supports the NFC mobile phone client and SWP card machine card channels

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 2014 Hengbao Co., ltd   Beijing ICP Certificate No. 041231   Beijing public security preparation110102002386

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