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UranuSafe Ex-Bkey(Bluetooth USBKey)

 UranuSafe Ex-Bkey Bluetooth USBKey is an expanded smart key product independently developed by Hengbao. Based on the functions of the key-press USBKey, it also incorporates bluetooth communications, and is the second generation USBKey product that enables communication with mobile phones and other smart mobile terminals. The product is compatible with online banking and mobile banking for multi-channel security authentication.

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Basic features:
Support international and domestic standard code algorithms;
Provide CSP middleware and PKCS#11 middleware that support 微软 standards;
With the high-level safety chip and independently developed smart card system, the product can defend all the attacks on online banking safety;
With specially designed hardware, the product is resistant against moisture, high and low temperature, wearing, static electricity and impact;
The product passed rigid EMC tests and impact resistance tests;
The product satisfies the tests and certifications organized by the third party;
The product can provide separate software to set functions and check information;
Public and private key pairs are generated inside the hardware to enable digital signature; the private key will never be out of KEY and can store several application certificates;
Operating system compatibility
Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Phone;
PC platforms: Support WindowsXP/2003/2008/Vista/Vista64/Win7/Win8, MacOS and all kinds of Linux and UNIX operating systems.
Display screen features:
Display screen material: OLED (self-illuminated screen);
Display screen lattice: 128×64;
Languages: simplified Chinese, English and traditional Chinese
Communication interface:
MiniUSB interface that meets USB2.0 interface specifications;
Follow the bluetooth standard communication protocol and support classic bluetooth and bluetooth 4.0 technologies.
Special features:
Based on the original key-press USBKey, it incorporates bluetooth communication and enables safety authentication on PC, mobile phones and other smart mobile terminals, effectively preventing remote hijack, data falsification and other attacks.

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 2014 Hengbao Co., ltd   Beijing ICP Certificate No. 041231   Beijing public security preparation110102002386

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