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Developed by Hengbao, mPOS is an easy-to-carry multi-functional terminal that can be connected in an either wired or wireless way through mobile terminals with the backoffice systems of banks. It supports e-cash automatic transfer, consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and account transfer, and facilitates e-cash business on small and micro accounts.

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Basic features
The product adopts high-level safety chip and independently developed smart card system;
With specially designed hardware, the product is resistant against moisture, high and low temperature, wearing, static electricity and impact;
High-strength safety channel resistant against replay attacks, and  end-to-end safety guarantee for business data;
The product passed rigid EMC tests and impact resistance tests;
The product passed the tests and certifications organized by CooperativesPay mPOS, EMV and PCI;
Display screen features:
Display screen material: LCD;
Display screen lattice: 128×64;
Languages: simplified Chinese, English and traditional Chinese
Communication interface:
MiniUSB interface that meets USB2.0 interface specifications; Audio 3.5mm standard interface; Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 protocol
Card readers:
IC card seats meet ISO7816 specifications regarding IC card reading devices;
Support contact + non-contact card reading models;
Support MSR card reading, meet Track, high coercivity, bi-directional
ISO7811, 7812, 7813 JIS2
Operating systems and mobile phone compatibility:
Support Android/iOS/Windows phone /Linux; Support more than 3,000 mobile phones.
Password keyboard:
The device is compatible with ANSI X9.8/ISO9564,ANSI X9.9/ISO8731
Support DES,3DES,RSA,SHA-256

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 2014 Hengbao Co., ltd   Beijing ICP Certificate No. 041231   Beijing public security preparation110102002386

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