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SIC22-A Tax Control Card

UranusFisc® TSAM tax control card is a smart tax control card used to store and control the key data in tax control cashing machines. It can verify the identity of tax control cashing machines, and is mutually authenticated with user cards and management cards to ensure no falsification of the key data about tax control; It generates invoice tax control codes, and encrypts and electronically signs transmitted tax control data;

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Main functions
Support tax control algorithms and asymmetric RSA algorithm;
Fast directive operation speed;
Support multiple capacities;
Embedded with the true random number generator that meets FIPS 140-2;
Support multiple safety protection mechanisms during communication to ensure the confidentiality and completeness of information;
Support multiple safe access means and authority (authentication function and password protection);
Support tax control algorithm and ensure high safety required by the tax system;
Support PPS and enable communication at multiple rates, with the highest reaching 57600BPS;
Performance indicators
Communication rate: 9600BPS~ 57600BPS
Input voltage: 2.7~5.5 V
User space: 64K
Working life: not less than 100,000
EEPROM life: more than 100,000 erases
Data storage time: more than 10 years

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