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SZD42-B Transmission Disk

The transmission disk is a tax control management device designed to meet the demand of the transport industry for tax management (including the deduction function). With years of experience in developing tax control IC cards, Hengbao participates in the design of tax control disks and transmission disks. Hengbao's tax control disks and transmission disks are both in line with the Technical Specifications for Invoice Tax Control Disks and Transmission Disks, and support the tax control algorithm and asymmetric RSA algorithm. Highly reliable, safe and flexible, they can be widely applied in the transport industry (with the deduction function).
The transmission disk is an electronic device that enables safe data transmission between the invoice tax control disk and management software with the help of invoice software.

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Main functions
Used for safe transmission of invoice tax control data between the backoffice system and invoice system;
Have a real-time clock inside;
More than three years of battery life;
Embedded with the true random number generator that meets FIPS 140-2;
Support tax control algorithm downloading and key downloading;
Support USB1.1 interface and above, enable automatic authentication;
The storage space for tax control user data is bigger than 64MB;
Simultaneously support two or more types of tax control disk data;
Performance indicators
Communication rate: 12MB/S;
Input data transmission rate: 25MB/S;
Input voltage: 4.5-5.25V;
Working life: not less than 100,000;
EEPROM life: more than 100,000 erases
Data storage time: more than 10 years

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