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Declaration USBKEY

The tax declaration USBKey is a common USBKey product for tax application. Without disk or software, it's a plug-and-play product that requires no manual operation and can run automatically. Based on the core of Hengbao's card operating system with fully independent IPRs, it incorporates the single chip technology that integrates the USB controller and CPU smart card, which ensures the product's advanced nature and stability.
With the standard USB interface, the product is compact in size and easy to carry and use. It supports the home-made CPUs of different types from 8 to 32 digits that meet domestic code requirements.  

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Basic features:
Standard USB interface that meets USB2.0 interface specifications;
Support SSF33, SM1, SM2, SM3, DES, RSA(1024/2048) and SHA-1/SHA-2 algorithms;
Public and private key pairs are generated inside the hardware to enable digital signature; the private key will never be out of KEY and can store several application certificates;
Adopt high-level safety chips and anti-section analysis;
Highly reliable, they ensure the consistency between serial numbers and cover numbers through technical encryption identification;
Designed against water splash and made of aluminium-magnesium alloy as well as high-performance and high-density resin, the cover is resistant against moisture, high and low temperature, wearing, static electricity and impact;
Underwent repeated drop tests, rigid EMC tests and impact resistance tests;
Passed rigid tests and certifications (CFCA, CNITSEC) organized by relevant organizations;
Provide CSP middleware and PKCS#11 middleware that support 微软 standards;
Provide COS management tools to facilitate the verification and revision of USBKEY state, certificate state test, certificate registration and PIN code by users;
Support the operating systems like 微软 Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Vista64/Win7/Win8, Linux and UNIX.
Passed the tests organized by the third party agencies designated by the State Administration of Taxation.

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