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ETC Card
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Support Single DES Algorithm and Triple DES Algorithm recognized by the People’s Bank of China
Support functions of line encryption and line protection, and prevent the communication data from being illegally stolen or altered
Support user space of 8K or 32K
Support T = 0 and T = 1, and support TYPE A/TYPE B
EEPROM Rewritable Life > 500,000 times
Data Retention Duration > 20 years

ETC refers to non-stop electronic toll collection system. ETC lanes are dedicated to those vehicles installed with ETC vehicle-mounted device, with the use of electronic toll collection method. ETC card falls into two kinds, i.e., prepaid card and debit card.

Hengbao ETC products Chinese Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specifications (V2.0) and Specifications of Ministry of Communications for ETC Toll Collection System, which have passed the tests launched by Bank Card Test Center and National Intelligent Transport Systems Center of Engineering and Technology.

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